Selected Publications and Presentations

“Freight Villages in Upstate New York: Challenges and Opportunities” (Marine Highway focus) with Richard Guarino, GBNRTC; at APA meeting in Niagara Falls, Sept. 2010.


“We Are Not There Yet: Status of North America’s Marine Highway” in Voice for Freight, IFW (June 2010).


Essay/Rev., “Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History” in Marine Tech.  (Oct. 2009).


“Interferry Ferry Safety Project,” presented before the Interferry Annual Conference, Hong Kong (Oct. 2008).


Essay and Book Review, on redemptive cities, in Journal of Urban Technology (Fall 2008).


“Urban Maritime Infrastructure: Inventory, Protect & Embrace,” before the TRB Ports Waterways and International Freight Annual meeting, Baltimore, Md. (June 19, 2008).


“Port investments: Why now?” before the Project Finance Panel of the City Bar Association, May 13, 2008.


“Freight Ferries: Factors for Success,” co-author, Catherine Lawson, presentation, TRB Annual Meeting, Jan. 15, 2008.


Interferry Ferry Safety Project,” presented before the Interferry Annual Conference, Stockholm, Sweden (Oct. 2007).


“Containerization and the City,” Book Review/Essay of four books related to containerization and its urban impact, in Journal of Urban Technology (Dec. 2006).


“Thinking Outside the Box,” Essay on the impact of fifty years of containerization and review of three books, in Marine Technology, J. of Society of Naval Arch. and Marine Eng. (Oct. 2006).


“Rail ferries and floatbridges: White Paper on technologies” for New York State Governor transition team (Summer 2006).


“New Life for the Gowanus,” New York Sun, (July 26, 2006).


“South Street Seaport, Treasure for the City, Suddenly in Play,” New York Sun (June 26, 2006).


“It Takes a Freight Village” The Slatin Report, online real estate journal (Feb. 16, 2006).


"Private Portable Ports: Rainbow at the End of the Storm?" by Catherine Lawson and Roberta Weisbrod. Poster presented at the TRB annual meeting January 2006.


"Ferry Transport: The Realm of Responsibility for Disasters in Developing Countries." By Catherine Lawson and Roberta Weisbrod, J. Public Transport., Vol. 8 No. 4 (2005).


"Freight Villages and Context Sensitive Design," presentation before US Federal Highway Administration Talking Freight series, May 18, 2005.


"Ferry Transport: The Realm of Responsibility for Disasters in Developing Nations," by Roberta Weisbrod, Catherine Lawson, & Len Roueche, TRB Annual Meeting Jan. 2005.


"Ports of the 21st Century: The Age of Aquarius," Chapter, in Moving People, Goods and Information: The Cutting-Edge Infrastructures of Networked Cities, edited by Richard Hanley, Routledge, 2004.


"Ports of the 21st century and the urban freight dilemma," invited speaker before the EU-sponsored City Freight Conference (BESTUFS), December 2004, Prague.


"Transportation Security: Critical Gaps in Information Sharing" Rudin Transp. J. (2004).


"Information Sharing: Mind the Gap (about the need for maritime threat information sharing) in Cargo Security International (international journal) February 2004.


"Ferry Safety: Staten Island Case Study," presentation TRB annual meeting, Jan. 2004.


"Freight Villages and the Urban Freight Dilemma" invited presentation before the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, Seventh Annual Freight and Logistics Symposium December 2003, Minneapolis, MN.


"Ferry Systems Planning -- For the Revitalization of Cities,” by Roberta E. Weisbrod and Catherine T. Lawson, Journal of Urban Technology (August 2003).


"High Speed Cargo Vessels,” Book Review in Marine Technology, the Journal of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (April 2003).


"Global Freight Villages and Regional Competitiveness," before the NY Chapter American Planning Association (June 12, 2003).


"Homeland Security and the Bulk Liquid Supply Chain: Strengthening the Role of the Private Sector," by Roberta Weisbrod and Catherine Lawson, Presentation, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C.,  (Jan. 2003).


"Global Freight Villages: Coming to America?" by Roberta Weisbrod and MK Murphy. Presentation, TRB Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. (Jan. 2003).


"Freight ferries: Taking a fresh approach," Presentation before the US Maritime Administration Short Sea Shipping Conference. New York City (November 2002).


"Making Ferry Systems Work: Taking a Systems Approach to Achieving Value,"

by Catherine Lawson and Roberta Weisbrod. Presentation, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Annual Conference, Baltimore, Md. (November 2002).


"Ferries Since 9/11& Into the Future," NYU Rudin Center Transportation J. (Fall 2002).


"Freight ferries for New York/New Jersey harbor," Presentation at TransAction, New Jersey annual transportation conference, Atlantic City, NJ (April 2002).


"Rebuild New York: Strengthen the Maritime Connection," J. Urban Tech., (Dec. 2001).


"Global Freight Villages: A Solution to the Urban Freight Dilemma," by Roberta Weisbrod, Ernest Swiger, Gerhardt Muller, Mack Rugg, and Mary Kay Murphy, paper and presentation at the TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (January 2002).


"Emerging Trends/Technology Needs -- Maritime Transport in New York/New Jersey Harbor," before the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Committee Research and Technology meeting in Washington, DC, (November 2001).


"Taking Back the Legacy of Greatness: The Future Port of New York," before the Gotham Center History Conference, New York City, (October 2001).


"Moving Freight on Water" (in NY/NJ harbor), www.gothamgazette,com/waterfront (Sept. 2001).


"Brooklyn Navy Yard," in (July 2001).


"Freight ferries in NY/NJ harbor: How to make them happen," Transportation Research Board annual meeting and published proceedings, Washington, D.C. (January 2001).


"Envisioning the Port of the Future," presented at New York Academy of Science-Urban Technology Institute Conference, NYC (June 26-27, 2000).


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"Great Ports," invited speaker, presentation and proceedings, before the Baltic Port Association Sustainable Development Conference, Gdansk Poland (Mar. 31, 2000).


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"Training intermodal transportation workers for the future," Transportation Research News (Jan –Feb 1999).


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"Port Trends: Growth, Technology and Sustainable Development," Journal of Urban Technology (Spring 1996).  Guest editor.


"Contaminated Sediment and Sustainable Ports: Can the Dredging Crisis Lead the Way to Environmental Restoration?" at the New York Academy of Science, (April 18, 1996).


"Dredging: The Harbor is Getting Cleaner – Why are the Sediments Testing Dirty?" at the New York Water Environment Federation Association conference (Jan. 1996).


"Environmental Issues of Ports," at US Merchant Marine Academy, (Dec. 8, 1995).


"Dredging & the Future of the Port," Conf., US Merchant Marine Acad. (Oct. 25, 1995).